Which currency does *The Joey SHOP* accept???
U$ Dollar is the currency I would like to get,
but you also can pay in the following currencies:
Australia, $A (0,70 = $1)
Brasil, R$ (0,50 = $1)
Canada, kan$ (0,70 = $1)
Europe, €URO (1,00 = $1)
India, iR (2,40 = $1)
Singapour, S$ (0,60 = $1)
For questions about your currency
e-mail to

How to fill out the blank
if you like to buy a photo at *The Joey SHOP*???

You need to fill out each field:
Your full Name:
Name & Family Name
Your e-mail:
Your Home Address
Home Country

When do I receive the e-mail???
You will receive an e-mail with in 24 hours
after you bought a photo at *The Joey SHOP*

The e-mail includes the address
to which the money should be send to,
and the way HOW to pay (check or cash)!!!

Why didn't I receive an e-mail???
It's possible that you made a mistake with your
e-mail address when you filled out the blank.
In this case simply order the photos again!

It's also possible that you didn't signed up for 2 photos.
Please make sure, that you buy at least 2 photos!

How should I pay at *The Joey SHOP* ???
I would like to receive the money in cash,
but you also can send a IMO* (International Money Order)
or check*, please make both payable to Ingo Meyer.
* add $5 for bank charges
- - It's NOT possible to pay via CREDIT CARD - -

I bought an Item which I don't want!!!
If you filled out a blank of a photo that you don't want,
and you already clicked on I like to get this Photo!
Send an e-mail to immediately,
saying which item you bought but don't want!!!

It's very important that you e-mail to
right after you realized that you don't want the photo,
if you don't do that, you will have to pay for it!!!

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