Joey released his first album "JOEY LAWRENCE"
with the age of 17 in 1993.
He was very proud on it, and it
sold more than 2.000.000 copies.

The album includes the following titles:

01. I Can't Help Myself
02. Nothin' My Love Can't Fix
03. Stay Forever
04. Justa 'Nother Love Song
05. Night By Night
06. I Like The Way (Kick Da Smoove Groove)
07. In These Times
08. Anything For Love
09. My Girl
10. Where Does That Leave Me
11. The Ways Of Love
12. Read My Eyes

Joey likes to say THANK YOU...

'There are so many people who have helped me
and to all of them I offer my deepest thanks.
Special thanks to J. Michael Bloom, Nell Carter,
all of my friends at NBC and Witt-Thomas Productions and Disney,
Mark Levinsohn, Mark Fried, Linda Vanoff and Kathleen Crawford.
A very special thank you to my friends at Impact Records,
especially Randy Nicklaus,
whose belief in me and sensitivity started the ball rolling.
His tireless efforts and astute creative
decisions created the foundation for the entire album.
Special thanks to Steve Barri for listening to my music,
understanding my creative instincts and blending them
with songs and people that allowed a new 16 year old
to act and feel like a professional.
Special thanks to Allen Kovac and Jeff Sydney
who both worked so hard to put the project together.
Their intelligence and sensitivity combined with their comprehensive expertise in every aspect
of the "business" provided a vision beyond compare.
Special thanks to Tony "THE MAN" Peluso.
Also, a special thanks to Al Teller and Richard Palmese and everyone at MCA Records especially Randy Miller,
Paula Batson, Jonas Livingston, Bruce Tenenbaum,
Jonathan Coffino, Glen Lajeski, Vartan, Ron Shapiro and Maria Kleinman.
A very special thank you to Russ Faith, who believed in me
from the beginning and encouraged me to put my feeling into music.
A very special thank you to John Travolta for believing in me
and for providing me with the chance to create.
A very special thank you to Steve Real and
Seth Riggs for their gift of voice and friendship.
Above all, I want to thank my family - all of them -
Mom, Dad, Matt, Andy, Meem and Pop
and everyone for their love and support.
I want to also thank them for their sacrifices
and for their knowledge of and commitment to nurturing nature
and my God-given abilities.'
- Joey Lawrence

His second album "Soulmates" was released in 1997.

The album includes the following titles:

01. Never Gonna Change My Mind
02. Ven Ven Conmigo
03. Soulmates
04. Timeless
05. Me & You
06. Cypress Park (All Good People)
07. I Wish It Could Be Me
08. So Much Pain
09. If You Wanna Get Down
10. Time

THANKs To...

'My deepest thanks to all those who have believed in me
and who have helped make this album a reality, especially J.T.
who has been there from the beginning of my musical journey.
A special "thank you" to Mike Curb and everyone at Curb Records,
Stiletto Management, especially Steve Wax, Garry Kief and Mama D.,
my executive producer Steve Goldstein (Goldie).
You guys are the best!
A special thank you to my friend and writing partner
Steve Real who always helps to fill the hours with laughter and wisdom.
Finally, I want to thank my family for their love, their nurturing,
and their undaunted support. I love you all so much!'
- Joey Lawrence

You can download a full version of Joe's 2 CDs
at The Joey Radio, plus most of his other songs!

A short and funny Story about sexy Joey... *g*

Everywhere you look, there's Joey Lawrence, looking good.
His style is unmistakable: ripped jeans, black leather jacket, T-shirt,
and the flannel tied-around-the-waist shirt.
His look, the shaggy-but-shiny hair; soft, full lips; come-hither eyes;
and rippling muscles, is totally and uniquely Joey!
He seems to be the perfect guy but is this really true?
Oh yes it is!
On every interview he always was asked for his best qualities
"I'm honest and faithful to everyone!"

Who is Joey Lawrence, Jr.?
Joey was born on April 20, 1976 in Philadelphia.
His parents, Joseph Lawrence, Sr. and Donna Shaw Lawrence,
are Italian and American. So Joey is half American and half Italian!
His nickname is Macaroni because he loves Pasta.
He started performing with the age of one.
He always loves music, singing and dancing.
At his home in Philly his parents listened every time
to the music of Frank Senatra, the big bands from the 1940's,
Glenn Miller, R & B, Rock, POP and much, much more.
Joey quickly learned the songs only from hearing it.
And he could memorize the text to songs like Manhattan Transfer
and to all the songs on Saturday Night Fever sound track!
His favorite music is the sound of Glenn Miller,
the very 1990's rhythem 'n' rap of Bell Biv DeVoe and Boyz II Men.
His tastes are wide-ranging, eclectic, R & B, pop and rock,
country and the 60's, 80's and 90's.
His favorite singers are Johnny Gill and Bobby Brown, Elten John,
Father MC, Garth Brooks, Tommy Dorsey, Bobby Brown,
Harry Connick Jr., Earth, Wind & Fire and Silk.
His very favorite song is "Motownphilly".
When he hears the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" he starts to cry!