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A sexy way to drink tequila between a man and a women.
Popular amoung college students and young adults.

Love, demons, and Tequila...

A comedy with supernatural tones. Joey Lawrence stars as Johnny, a hip college student who takes a fun trip to Mexico with his buddies (Nathan Anderson and Josh Marchette). Set against the colorful Day of the Dead celebration, all Hell breaks loose when Johnny gets mind-reading powers from a medicine man's (Henry Darrow) magical tequila. Johnny's friends want him to use these powers to get women, but Johnny has to save the girl of his dreams (Dru Mouser) from her past life husband who is stalking her. The comical escapades tied together by Tequila Body Shots, which not only leave hickeys, but also conjure the souls of the dead back to life.


the SET of


Tequila Body Shots: Trailer

Tequila Body Shots: Scene I

Tequila Body Shots: Scene II