Episode 512:
Fool For Love

Original Air Date:
January 3, 1999

Written by:
Susan Wick & Burt Pearl

Directed by:
Peter Hunt

Produced by:
Martha Williamson, Jon Andersen & R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sam ... Paul Winfield
Sara ... Paige Moss
Jesse ... Joey Lawrence
Joan ... Sharon Madden
Chris ... James Calvert
Harry ... Robert David Hall

Sara Parker, a successful big city district attorney,
is forced to come to terms with her past when an ex-boyfriend,
Jesse, is arrested and she must interrogate him.
Rather than face Jesse, who still has some strange kind of hold over her,
Sara retreats to a pub for some sanctuary.
Monica, who is waiting tables at the bar while Tess serves drinks,
offers to listen to Saraís story.
Sara is reluctant at first, but then proceeds
to tell Monica her story of ten years ago:
As a 17 year-old high schooler, Sara meets Jesse, a handsome troublemaker.
Much to her motherís disdain, Sara and Jesse fall in love and,
when he suggests they move to California to start a new life, Sara agrees.
Sara is worried when she finds a gun in Jesseís glove compartment,
but when Jesse says itís for protection sheís too blinded by love to disagree.
Soon, however, their money runs out, their relationship sours,
and to make matters worse Sara learns she is four months pregnant.
In order to get some money Jesse robs a liquor store. Sara meets Andrew who,
posing as a hitchhiker, tries to convince her to return home.
Sara, unwilling to admit she has made a mistake, stays with Jesse.
The baby is born at a motel and Sara names her Abby.
Sara and Jesse meet Sam, posing as a motel owner,
who lets them stay at his motel and offers to let Sara phone home.
A furious Jesse refuses and storms out of the room.
When he returns, Jesse is in a much better mood and explains to Sara
that he met a man who sells babies on the black market,
and who will give them $10,000 for Abby.
Sara is horrified and rather than let this happen,
she takes Abby while Jesse is asleep, and leaves her in a church sanctuary with a note.
Sara has a change of heart and realizes she canít leave her baby,
but when she returns to the church Abby has already been taken.
When Sara goes back to Jesse he hits her and leaves.
Sam takes care of Sara, helping her to get back on her feet,
and ultimately through law school.
Back in present-day, Sara admits to Monica that Sam was the closest thing
to an angel she has ever known.
Monica tells her that sheís right, that Sam is an angel, and that her, Tess,
and Andrew are angels as well.
Sara canít believe that God can love her after all that she has done,
but Monica reminds her of the story of the prodigal son
and how God waits for his children to return.
Sara admits that she wants to return both to God and to her home,
and with this choice Jesseís spell over her is broken.
When she returns home, Saraís mother is overjoyed, but tells her of a little girl named Abby,
whom Andrew had brought to her ten years ago, after she was abandoned in a church.
Having reunited Sara with both her mother and daughter,
the angels drive off, their mission complete.