Joey won the first commercial job he auditioned for,
and made his television singing debut
at the age of 5 on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson singing
"Give My Regards To Broadway" and "Zippity Doo Da".
He went on to appear in commercials for several name brand products.

As a child, he guest-starred on the series Silver Spoons and Diff'rent Strokes.
He was then cast in the popular series Gimme A Break,
starring Nell Carter for four seasons.
The two still continue to be life-long friends.
His next performance was as the dimwitted but lovable
Joey Russo on the long-running series Blossom.
It made Lawrence a household name.
The highly-rated series ran for five seasons
and is currently in syndication nationwide.
He has also made guest appearances on the series Empty Nest,
Almost Home and The John Larroquette Show.
Lawrence previously starred in his own TV show with his brothers
Matt and Andy, Brotherly Love.

Lawrence played the dual roles of a rock star and a pizza delivery boy
in the television movie Prince for a Day, a modern re-telling of Mark Twain's
classic tale The Prince and the Pauper.
He also starred with his real-life brothers, Matt and Andy,
in the 1995 television movie Brothers of the Frontier,
and in the after-school specials Umbrella Jack and Don't Touch.
In the George Lucas feature film Radioland Murders,
Lawrence made a cameo appearance as a handsome young crooner.
Other movies Joe has appeared in are Pulse
and Chains of Gold with friend John Travolta.

The Philadelphia native also has a promising music career.
In 1993, he released his debut album, Joey Lawrence at the age of 17.
The album, which launched his recording career in the United States and Europe,
went gold and produced two hit singles -- the Top Ten smash
Nothin' My Love Can't Fix and Stay Forever.
It also included tracks such as Read My Eyes and I Can't Help Myself.
The album sold over two million copies worldwide.
Joe's second album is entitled Soulmates and was released on September 16, 1997.

Currently, Joe is busy working on his third album as well as several independent projects.
He completed another independent flick called Tequila Body Shots, a dark comedy which only aerd in Los Angeles.
He also appeard in the second Urban Legend Movie: Urban Legends - Final Cut
And currently can be seen in the WB show called Run of the House.


2003 - Love Rules - Michael
2002 - R3 - Host
2001 - Pandora's Box - Officer Anderson
2001 - Romantic Comedy 101 - Mark Gibson
2001 - A Christmas Adventure - Voice of Wolfpack Leader
2000 - Jumping Ship - Michael Woods
2000 - Do You Wanna Know A Secret - Hank Ford
1999 - Urban Legends - Final Cut - Graham Manning
1999 - Horse Sense - Michael Woods
1999 - Desperate But Not Serious - Darby Tipp
1998 - Tequila Body Shots - Johnny Orpheus
1996 - Brothers of the Frontier - Ethan Frye
1995 - Prince for a Day - Ralph Bitondo/Ricky Prince
1995 - A Goofy Movie - Voice of Chad
1994 - Radioland Murders - Frankie Marshall
1993 - Blossom in Paris - Joey Russo
1991 - Chains of Gold - Tommy Burke
1989 - Adventures in Babysitting - Brad Anderson
1988 - Oliver & Company - Voice of Oliver
1988 - Pulse - David
1986 - Don't Touch
1985 - Summer Rental - Bobby Chester
1982 - Hit & Run - Jeremy Marks


2004 - I married Sofia - Tony
2003 - Run Of The House - Kurt Franklin
2002 - American Dream - Michael Brooks
1999 - Touched By An Angel - Jesse Arshor
1998 - VIP - Joey Lawrence
1995 - 97 - Brotherly Love - Joe Roman
1991 - 95 - Blossom - Joey Russo
1994 - The John Laroquette Show - Sunny
1994 - Something Wilder
1993 - Almost Home - Jeff Thornton
1992 - Empty Nest
1987 - Different Strokes - Joey
1983 - Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home! - Chris Peters
1982 - Silver Spoons
1982 - 87 - Gimme A Break - Joey Donovan


01. Pilot
02. Blossom Blossoms
03. My Sister's Keeper
04. Dad's Girlfriend
05. Who's in Charge Here?
06. Sex, Lies and Teenagers
07. I Ain't Got No Buddy
08. Thanks for the Memorex
09. The Geek
10. Tough Love
11. Such a Night
12. School Daze
13. Papa's Little Dividend
14. Love Stinks

15. Second Base
16. Here Comes the Buzz!
17. The Joint
18. I'm with the Band
19. Honor?
20. To Tell the Truth
21. Intervention
22. Run for the Border
23. Rockumentary
24. Expectations
25. You Can't Go Home
26. This Old House
27. It's a Marginal Life
28. The Test
29. Hot for Teacher
30. Three O'Clock and All is Hell
31. Losers Win
32. The Letter
33. Wake up Little Suzy
34. You Must Remember This
35. House Guests
36. Whines and Misdemeanors
37. Driver's Education

38. Spring Fever
39. Runaway
40. Dear Mom
41. No Cure for Love
42. What Price Love?
43. The Joey Chronicles
44. Kids
45. Only When I Laugh
46. I Killed Chico Barranca
47. All Hallows Eve
48. The Making of the President
49. My Girl
50. The Frat Party
51. Losing Your ... Religion
52. Ruby
53. The Last Laugh
54. Time
55. Car Wrecks and Marriage
56. Mystery Train
57. Of Mice and Men
58. Student Films
59. All Dressed Up
60. The Thrill is Gone
61. You Did What?
62. Sitcom
63. Hunger
64. Paris
65. Blossom in Paris (2 hrs.)

66. Transitions
67. Kiss and Tell
68. Six and Sonny (1)
69. Blossom's Dilemma (2)
70. 38 Special
71. The Fifty-Minute Hour
72. True Romance
73. Let's Talk about Sex
74. Big Doings (1)
75. Big Doings (2)
76. Copycat
77. Getting Lucky
78. Meat
79. Double Date
80. Beach Blanket Blossom (1)
81. Beach Blanket Blossom (2)
82. A Little Help from My Friends
83. Our Favorite Scenes
84. Blue Blossom
85. Sex, Lies and Mrs. Peterson
86. Seven Deadly Sins
87. Night of Reckoning
88. Last Tango
89. Graduation

90. A New Life (1)
91. A New Life (2)
92. Puppy Love
93. Your New Planet
94. The Wedding
95. Writing the Wrongs
96. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel
97. The Game You Play Tomorrow
98. Blossom Gump
99. Oh, Baby
100. Mating Rituals
101. Hi Diddly Dee
102. A Kiss is Just a Kiss
103. Who's Not on First
104. It Happened One Night
105. A Mind With a Heart of Its Own
106. The Date
107. The Departure
108. A Star Is Bared
109. You Say Tomato
110. So Many Milestones, So Little Time

Gimme A Break
Season 3 (1982-1983) (22 episodes)

42. The Way to a Man's Heart (10/13/83)
Nell is attracted to a man in her diet group.

43. Joey (Part 1)(10/27/83)
Nell takes in 6-year-old con artist Joey.

44. Katie's Commitment (10/20/83)
The chief forbids Katie to date an older man.

45. The Groupie (09/29/83)
Julie tries to meet singer Andy Gibb.

46. Joey (Part 2) (11/03/83)
Nell wants Joey to be her foster child.

47. Grandpa's Rebellion (12/08/83)
Grandpa objects to moving into the Kaniski house.

48. The Mayor (11/10/83)
The mayor's price for a new squad car is Nell.

49. Nell's Friend (12/01/83)
Nell's high-school nemesis (Telma Hopkins) returns.

50. Herbie (01/05/84)
Samantha becomes depressed over the meaning of life.

51. Melissa (11/17/83)
The date Nell finds for the chief used to be a man.

52. James Returns (01/12/84)
Nell learns her former husband has remarried.

53. Samantha's Protest (01/19/84)
Samantha protests a historic school's demolition.

54. Kaniski Christmas (12/22/83)
Nell wants everyone home for Joey's first Christmas.

55. Valentine (02/09/84)
Nell gives advice to everyone in the Kaniski household
on Valentine's Day, but her advice turns out all wrong.

56. Flashback (01/26/84)
Nell recalls how she joined the Kaniski household.

57. The Big Apple (Part 1) (02/16/84)
Nell and Addy find trouble in New York.

58. The Big Apple (Part 2) (02/23/84)
Nell and Addy become part of a drug bust.

59. Knock Three Times (02/02/84)
A post hypnotic suggestion causes trouble for Nell.

60. Katie's College (03/15/84)
Katie wants her own boutique. Guest: Whitney Houston

61. Class of '84 (05/03/84)
Nell is accused of cheating in night school.

62. Rodeo (03/08/84)
Grandpa becomes ill after taking Joey to a rodeo.

63. The Center (04/19/84)
Teens invade the Senior Citizens' Center.

Season 4 (1984-1985) (25 episodes)

64. Nell's Birthday (10/13/84)
Nell is depressed about turning 33.

65. Daddy's Little Girl (11/17/84)
A man Nell met has a surprising connection to Addy.

66. New Orleans (Part 1) (09/29/84)
Joey sees his father in New Orleans.

67. Joey Goes to New Orleans (Part 2) (10/06/84)
Nell fears she has lost Joey to his father.

68. Grandpa's Secret Life (10/20/84)
A father insists Grandpa marry his daughter.

69. Sam's First Love (10/27/84)
Samantha's boyfriend takes advantage of her family.

70. Who Dunnit? (11/03/84)
Nell has an odd encounter with singer Ray Parker Jr.

71. Breakdance (11/10/84)
Joey secretly helps Katie raise cash for a boutique.

72. Baby of the Family (12/08/84)
Nell forbids Samantha to go on a camping trip.

73. Carl's Delicate Moment (11/24/84)
The chief is accused of sexual harassment.

74. T.V. or Not T.V. (12/15/84)
Nell thinks the family watches too much television.

75. The Answering Machine (01/12/85)
Nell's beau takes a business trip with another woman.

76. Julie's Lie (12/01/84)
Nell learns Julie lied about her skiing trip.

77. Spirit of Christmas (12/22/84)
Addy and Nell spend an early Christmas together.

78. Grandpa's Will (01/05/85)
Consulting a lawyer about a will upsets Grandpa.

79. The Gift (01/19/85)
Nell is robbed on the way to a gala ceremony.

80. Alabamy Bound (Part 1) (01/26/85)
Nell's sister wants thier mother to live with Nell.

81. Alabamy Bound (Part 2) (02/02/85)
Nell considers having her mother live with her.

82. Earthquake (02/09/85)
Nell and a deaf woman become trapped in a basement.

83. Monkey See, Monkey Do (02/16/85)
The chief's rigidity causes everyone to move out.

84. The Lookalike (02/23/85)
Nell's plans for Sammy Davis Jr. to perform go awry.

85. Cat Story (03/02/85)
(this episode was shot before a live studio audience and was aired live on the East coast)
Simpson, believed drowned, has left Nell $5,000.

86. Police Mamas (or Police Mommas) (03/23/85)
Addy and Nell are deputized when the police fall ill.

87. Friendship (05/04/85)
Angry at Addy, Nell finds a new best friend.

88. Julie's Birthday (05/11/85)
(this is Dolph Sweet's last episode, he died shortly after the filming of this episode)
Julie's 18th birthday brings a big surprise.

Season 5 (1985-1986) (24 episodes)

89. Joey's Train (09/14/85)
Joey's toy train awakens memories of the chief.

90. So Long, Jonathan (10/26/85)
Jonathan is asked to go on an archaeological dig.

91. Ship of Fools (Part 1) (09/21/85)
Nell takes a job with Tony to pay the mortgage.

92. Ship of Fools (Part 2) (09/28/85)
Nell discovers Tony has wed her teen-age niece.

93. The Man From Zoron (10/05/85)
A man who saved Joey's life claims to be an alien.

94. Mama (11/02/85)
Mama Maybelle undergoes a cataract operation.

95. Addy's Goodbye (10/19/85)
Nell is furious after she learns Addy lied to her.

96. Sam's Little Girl (11/09/85)
Nell tries child psychology on a troubled girl.

97. Katie's Apartment (12/07/85)
Nell discovers Katie is involved with a married man.

98. Nell's Gifted Child (11/30/85)
Nell overreacts when she learns Joey is gifted.

99. Nell's New Car (11/23/85)
Nell's purchase of Addy's car causes hostility.

100. The Elevator (11/16/85)
Addy and Nell become stuck in adjoining elevators.

101. Snippets (12/14/85)
The family recalls past Christmas celebrations.

102. Second Chance (Part 1) (01/04/86)
Nell has a mutiny on her hands when she's unable to book
a concert date for her fledgling rock band. Guest: Gary Collins.

103. Second Chance (Part 2) (01/11/86)
Nell appears on "Hour Magazine".

104. Pride and Prejudice(02/15/86)
Rejected job-applicants Nell and Addy claim racism.

105. A Lesson For Nell (02/08/86)
Nell sees Grandpa dining with a younger woman.

106. Bienvenido, Jonathan (01/18/86)
Jonathan seems changed after returning from Mexico and his archaeological dig.

107. The Gun (02/01/86)
Joey accidentally shoots Nell with the chief's gun.

108. Family Reunion (02/22/86)
Nell deals with her sister's marital woes.

109. Getting to Know You (03/29/86)
Nell's eligible date does not like children.

110. Found Money (05/03/86)
Nell urges the family to spend her inheritance.

111. Katie's Corner (04/05/86)
Katie's romance and business go under together.

112. The Purse Snatcher (05/10/86)
An alleged purse-snatching upsets Nell's friends.

Season 6 (1986-1987) (25 episodes)

113. Below Sea Level (Part 1) (10/01/86)
Joey's father has a surprise for him.

114. Joey Meets Matthew (Part2) (10/08/86)
Tim wants custody of Joey and Matthew.

115. Nell Goes Back to New York (10/15/86)
Nell decides to move to New York City and tries to get Joey back.

116. The Apartment (10/29/86)
Nell tries for a job and rents an apartment.

117. Sam Goes to College (09/24/86)
Samantha may not get her college scholarship. (Part 1)

118. Sam Goes to College (part 2)
Nell is left alone when the last girl leaves.

119. Someday My Prince... (09/09/86)
An African prince courts Nell.

120. The Scam (12/03/86)
A con man steals Maybelle's savings from Nell.

121. Nell's Secret Admirer (01/07/87)
Nell's high-school secret admirer gives her a call.

122. I Love New York (11/05/86)
Nell begins to regret having moved to New York.

123. Nell the Boss (11/12/86)
Nell hires Addy as her reading assistant.

124. Harry the Hamster (11/19/86)
Nell accidentally kills the boys' hamster.

125. Joey the Gambler (11/26/86)
Joey is arrested for illegal gambling.

126. Christmas in New York (12/10/86)
Nell, Addy and the boys have a New York Christmas.

127. The Loan (01/14/87)
Nell loans Addy $300 to buy a dress.

128. Joey's First Crush (01/28/87)
Joey develops an infatuation for Maggie.

129. The Window (Part 1) (01/21/87)
Nell's promotion keeps her away from the boys.

130. The Window (Part 2) (01/21/87)
Nell comes home to stay with the boys.

131. Joey's Teacher (02/04/87)
Joey's teacher sues after falling at Nell's house.

132. Joey's Hero (02/11/87)
Nell unknowingly donates her blood to a bigot.

133. Joey the Gigolo (02/25/87)
Nell matches Joey and her new boss's daughter.

134. Parents' Week (Part 1) (03/31/87)
Sam announces she will wed and leave college.

135. Parents' Week (Part 2) (04/07/87)
Nell tries to get Eric's book published.

136. Save the Church (04/28/87)
Nell learns her old church is to be demolished.

137. Mama's Date (05/12/87)
Nell learns that Mama is dating an old flame.