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Joey meets Melanie in a library.

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Joe, Andy, and Clare are talking during
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(Brotherly Love)

Full name: Joseph Lawrence Mignogna, Jr. (wants to be called Joe by his friends!)

Nickname: Macaroni

Birthday: April 20, 1976 (Aries)

Birthplace: Montgomery (Strawbridge), Pennsylvania

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 163 pounds

Waist: 29 inches

Chest: 42-1/2 inches

Hair color: brown

Eye color: hazel

Status: Married in August 2002 to Michelle Vella

Family: Mom - Donna Shaw (born 1952); Dad - Joseph, Sr (born 1949); Brothers - Matthew and Andrew

Pets: a turtle, 2 dogs (Tommy, his own dog, was a stray dog), 2 iguanas

Shoe size: 10

Most memorable moment: "A trip to the Caribbean."

Best qualities: "I'm honest and faithful."

Worst qualities: "I'm a perfectionist, and I worry too much."

Message to fans: "Live and enjoy life!"

"You should do what you know is right and only that.
If you do, then you're never going to end up regretting something or doing something bad."

"Try to be the best person you could be!!!"

Self-description: "I'm a nice guy and honest with everyone. Honesty is very important to me."

What makes him happy: "Spending time with the people I love."

Song that makes him cry: "When you wish upon a star. It's such a simple song, and it's so positive."

Song that makes him laugh: "The Humpty Dumpty dance, by Digital Underground."

First commercial: Cracker Jack and he has done over 70 commercials since then.

Instruments he plays: Piano,keyboard,and guitar.

Foods: Pizza, pasta, grilled chicken and cheeseburgers

Drinks: Soda, orange juice and milk shakes

Desserts: Hot fudge sundaes and "my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies"

Colors: White, blue, silver, green, black

Collections: Baseball caps and antique model cars

Book: The Rites of Autumn

Authors: John Steinbeck, Ayn Rand, and Somerset Maugham

Cartoon character: Bugs Bunny

Theme park: Disneyland and Disney World

Sports: Baseball, soccer, water-skiing, and crosscountry running

Sports team: The Philadelphia Eagles

Music: "likes all kinds of music - R&B, pop, country, and the music of the 1940s.
"String of Pearls" by Glenn Miller is a classic romantic ballad from World War II,
and we don't have too many classics like that anymore."

Songs: "Motown Philly" by Boyz II Men, "Yesterday" by the Beatles

male singer: Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Billy Joel

female singer: Mariah Carey

Groups: Boyz II Men, the Bee Gees

Concert: "Michael Jackson. I went to see him at Dodger Studium in Los Angeles in 1983.
I was seven years old, and I still remember it in great detail. I guess I was very impressionable back then."

Actors: John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Robert DeNiro

Actress: Demi Moore

Movies: An American in Paris, Saturday Night Fever, Lethal Weapon 1, 2 & 3

Season: Summer

Holiday: Easter

Worst habit: Biting his nails

Joey-ism: "There ya' go."

- Is left-handed.

- When he was born, Joe weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz.

- Joe graduated high school in 1994 with a 4.6 GPA at the USC

- One thing he likes to do in his spare time is read and study Native American history.

- Is allergic to peanuts.

- Is afraid of spiders.

- Joe always has a pencil in his pocket in case he is inspired to write a song.

- Smoking really turns Joe off.

- He's labeled the neat freak.

- To maintain his perfect body, Joey does a lot of sit-ups.
"I do 200, five times a day", he says. "I do them wherever I am - on the set, in my bedroom.
I try not to let one day go by without doing sit-ups."

- The performer Joe would love to have sing at his next party is Johnny Gill,
whom he calls "one of the greatest singers in the world."

- Joey has shown an interest in art. He has recently taken up pencil- and charcoal-sketching.

- In his spare time, Joe likes to collect and build model cars.

- People would be surprised to learn that Joey washes his car three times a week.

- Joe wants to sing a duet with Mariah Carey.
"She's such a great singer, and she has a lot of funk to her, so it would be a lot of fun to improvise with her," he says.

- Turned down the movie 'Major Payne' because he wouldn't cut his hair short.

- He doesn't like watching himself on TV.